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Attention Mums Raising A Child With A Disability Or Additional Needs...

5 Keys to Navigate Meltdowns and Big Emotions with Confidence

A Free Online Series

May 9 -13th 2022

Does this sound familiar?

    You're trying ALL THE THINGS but it doesn't seem to be helping
    You're feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, frustrated, maybe event resentful
    You're worried that things might not get better for you and your family

If this is your experience, please know that you are not alone. I have so many conversations with parents who are exhausted from navigating meltdowns and big emotions

And here's what I want YOU to know...

The challenges you are facing are NOT because you and your kids aren't trying hard enough.

You and your family deserve happiness and wellbeing.

This series is designed to offer clarity about:

    What does and doesn’t work when it comes to regulation
    My #1 tip for parents to help keep cool under pressure
    How to know what to do when
    Strategies to support peace and calm for your family
    Your roadmap to lasting change

Delivered in mini sessions over 5 days, join Rachel from Create Vitality for this FREE series and connect with like minded folk in a safe and supportive environment as we:


The function of big emotions and meltdownsand why regulation strategies don't always work (hint, it's not you or your child).


Key times for intervention and support and Rachel's #1 tip for parents trying to keep cool under pressure.


A simple process for cultivating safety and connection so that you and your family can have more of the peace and happiness you all deserve.

What this series is NOT:

    A behaviour management program
    A set of rules

What this series IS:

    Flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of your family
    Practical and supportive
    A resource that respects neurodiversity and a social model of health

Event Starts in:


Register today to save your spot!

Find relief and navigate meltdowns and big emotions with confidence!

Feedback from past participants

“I can’t thank you enough. This work has had a profound impact on shifting my mindset”.

“It was great to be with others in similar situations. It helped me not to feel so alone. The workshop was safe and supportive and the tools are easy to use”.

“These tips are so helpful. I had no idea before coming today that they could be so easy to practice. I’m really looking forward to using them”.

“The workshop gave me hope and optimism. Rachel is supportive and empathic with simple yet effective tools. Thank you”.

“I really appreciate the practical and simple ideas presented and acknowledgment of the realities of our situations”.


Didn’t find what you need? Email ua.moc.ytilativetaerc%40troppus and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Will replays be available?

Yes they will. I get it, life is in session and catching 1 session live might be tricky, let alone 5!
While I highly encourage you to catch as much as you can live, replays will be available for the entire week for registered participants and members of the Mums Matter Facebook group.

Are the sessions different everyday?

Yes. Each session covers a different aspect of navigating meltdowns and big emotions.  
You can find the topics for each day of the series under the heading "what we will cover".

Does my child need a diagnosis for me to attend this event?

No. Your child does not need to have a diagnosis in order for you to attend the workshop series.
Most of the Mums and families I support are raising neurodivergent kids. I also have extensive experience supporting families whose children are experiencing mental health difficulties. 

What age children is this relevant for?

Most often I support Mums and families who are raising school aged children (5-18). However, the material included in the workshop is designed with a range of kids and families in mind and I have experience working with younger and older kids too.

How do I access the sessions?

You can access the series in 2 ways;
- via the zoom link that you will receive when you register (use the same link for all sessions).
- via the Mums Matter private Facebook group

Are you sure the series is free?

Yes. I believe that everyone should have access to quality content and support. Simple as that.
For anyone thinking about seeking support with Create Vitality my free events are also a great opportunity to check out whether working with me might be a good fit for you - if yes, great, I can tell you more about this during the event. If not, no worries, you still walk away from the free series with a tonne of valuable content that you can use to support you and your family - in other words - nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain!