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You deserve support.

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Create Vitality - Helping families raising a child with a disability to thrive.

Hi, I'm Rachel.



I believe that thriving is a right, not a luxury and that everyone in your family deserves to thrive.

I am committed to connecting families raising a child with a disability, health condition or other additional support needs, with practical strategies that respect the demands they face, celebrate their strengths and align with their values, so that they can find relief from stress, exhaustion or overwhelm, feel more connected and in control and confidently support the whole family to thrive.

How Create Vitality Can Help.


Create Vitality offers safe online community, workshops and programs for families raising a child with a disability, health condition or other additional care needs, so that they can reduce isolation and feel connected and resourced.

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Create Vitality support families to tune in to their unique needs and clarify what is most important to them, so that they can feel more confident and in control of the decisions that impact their family.


Create Vitality offers practical and simple strategies that can be integrated across the whole family, so that they can find relief from stress and exhaustion, have more ease and enjoyment and experience the wellbeing that they deserve.

    Tailored support that respects the demands you face and aligns with your values
    Practical and simple strategies that can be used by the whole family
    Find relief from stress, exhaustion, overwhelm and isolation
    Navigate challenges with more ease
    More time and energy for connection and the things that you love
    Confidence that the whole family can thrive

Your Way toWellbeing 

You and your family deserve to thrive!

Thriving is not a 'one-size-fits-all' deal.

We all have different strengths, preferences and challenges. This means that what we need to thrive might be different for each of us too. If you're not sure what that looks like for you and your family, thinking about the spaces, places, activities and people that feel safe and supportive to you, can be a good place to start.



When staying calm doesn't work and what to do instead

“I’ve been told that to support my autistic child I have to stay calm…. I tried to be calm but I wasn’t. And my child knew – they said Mum are you really calm or pretending to be calm?”.

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Reflections on School Anxiety

The metal school gate which sits under the gum trees at my boys' primary school represents many things.
It represents joy, inclusion, happiness, friendships, growth and learning. But it has also been a catalyst for intense and crippling anxiety for my autistic son...

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Reframing Refusal: Supporting Your Child With School

Sending support to all families whose kids are having a tough time getting to, or staying at school.
When school is going well, it can be a great source of happiness, connection and community and when it’s...

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