Are you a Mum raising a child with a disability?

Is burnout robbing you and your

family of happiness and wellbeing?

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Are you exhausted from advocating for or justifying the support needs of your child?

Are challenges sucking up all your time and energy?

Do you long for more ease?

More time to just be with and celebrate your family?

More time for the things that you love?

If you answered Yes! to any of those:  Welcome. You are in the right place.


I’m Rachel


I’m a fan of no fuss strategies for whole of family thriving.

I am committed to connecting families raising a child with a disability or health condition, with practical strategies that respect the demands they face, celebrate their strengths and align with their values, so that they can find relief from stress, exhaustion or overwhelm, feel more connected and in control and confidently support the whole family to thrive.


Just stay real – parenting under pressure
Just stay real – parenting under pressure

“I’ve been told that to support my autistic child I have to stay calm…. I tried to be calm but I wasn’t.  And my child knew – they said Mum are you really calm or pretending to be calm?”.   I’m in a session with one of the magnificent Mums in my coaching...

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This…
Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This…

Many of the parents I speak to, give themselves a hard time for feeling overwhelmed.   Overwhelm is simply feedback from the body that there is too much going on.   It’s often fuelled by a murky concoction of exhaustion, guilt from the past and worry about...

Reframing school ‘refusal’
Reframing school ‘refusal’

A shout out to all the parents whose kids are having a tough time getting to, or staying at school.   When school is going well, it can be a great source of happiness and connection.   When it’s not, it can a huge source of stress for the whole family.   If your...

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