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About Create Vitality.


Meet Rachel

Create Vitality Founder & Director

Rachel is a multi-award-winning speaker, AHPRA registered Occupational Therapist, Creative Arts Therapist and Qigong Facilitator, with a fire in her belly about the rights of families raising children with a disability, medical condition or additional care needs.
Over the last 20 years, Rachel has supported hundreds of parents navigating the health and community systems in support of a child. She ‘gets’ that being thrown into a world of appointments, jargon and opinions, can weigh heavy on the hearts of parents and children and leaves many parents feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Why us

How Create VitalityCan Help

Rachel is the founder of the 'Confident Parents, Thriving Families' coaching program.

Rachel believes that understanding the needs of parents is key to helping the whole family thrive. Her unique programs blends her extensive clinical experience in the mental health and community sectors with the latest neuroscience and bucketfuls of compassion, to deliver tailor made practical strategies that can be used by the whole family.
Known for being respectful and down-to-earth, people often tell Rachel that her super power is helping people feel safe to be themselves. She is committed to supporting parents with practical strategies to;● Find relief from stress, exhaustion and overwhelm,● Feel more in control of the decisions that impact their lives, ● Stay connected in the face of challenges and ● Confidently create environments where everyone in the family can thrive.
When Rachel isn’t coaching, you can find her practising Qigong, reminiscing about her days as a D-grade rock star, attempting to garden, kicking the footy and chasing after her 2 spirited boys.

My Story


I believe that thriving is a right, not a luxury and that everyone in your family has a right to thrive.

I am committed to connecting families raising a child with a disability, medical condition or other additional support needs, with practical strategies that respect the demands they face, celebrate their strengths and align with their values, so that they can find relief from stress, exhaustion or overwhelm, feel more connected and in control and confidently support the whole family to thrive.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Book a call with me today so we can start your roadmap to relief.